The revolution of nanotechnologies with artificial intelligence

The nanomaterials market is making traditional metrology obsolete. Our comprehensive software portfolio allows to easily use the virtues of nanomaterials

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Reduce time to market of your products while increasing your production yields

Measurement equipments Measurement equipments Boost the performance of your equipments

Production Production Produce with high yields and safely

Academic Academic Accelerate understanding the nanoworld

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Regulations change

Since the early 2010s , nanomaterials have entered the composition of many everyday products : cosmetics, textiles, food , paints, medicines … But these new materials to the complex structure are difficult to characterize because the traditional metrology tools are often not suitable. In addition, the size of nano-objects that make up is so small that they can have potential impacts on humans and the environment. These potential risks must be appropriately identified and managed . The regulation is gradually taking place and new standards appear to control the development of nanoproducts on the market. Faced with these industrial, economic, regulatory and societal issues , POLLEN Technology is the first “smart data” software company to enable industry to see and understand their nanoworld to ultimately control the quality of their products and their processes.

Our scalable solutions

PlatypusExpert Custom development of your hybrid software

PlatypusExpert Open An open platform to integrate your algorithms

PlatypusUltimate Accompanying you from R&D to production

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